The Problem

One billion overweight people over the world are eager for cost effective and safe device which can help them to be healthier and not having the potential risk of obesity.

Unique Medicine

Unlike other gastric stimulators on the market, the MelCap capsule is completely non-invasive and disposable, and is 10 times less expensive than traditional, surgically implanted devices.

The System

MelCap capsule is the size of a large pill and is swallowed by an overweight or obese person, arriving into the stomach. Once in the stomach, an external magnet is used to correctly position the capsule.

Present Status of MelCap

  • Company received grant from OCS – The Office of the Chief Scientist in the Israel Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor – project was examined and approved
  • Capsule First Prototype Mechanical Design completed
  • Electronic Concept completed
  • Magnetic fixation feasibility and proof of concept study was prepared and successfully validated


  • Rami Eliakim, Head of the Gastroenterology Division in the Sheba Medical Center and Tel-Aviv University Faculty of Medicine.
  • Boris Vosnesensky, Electrical Engineering, especially experienced in developing and manufacturing biomedical devices in last 20 years
  • Josef More , Economics ,BA , Financing and Management, last 25 years experience in managing and developing of 5 biotechnological projects, include 3 biomedical device projects. Mr. Josef More years served for 3 years as director of “Poalim High Tech”.

About Us

Melcap is privately held startup company located in Israel, having a dream of helping to overcome the global obesity epidemic. Melcap intends to help one billion overweight people to fulfill their hopes to become healthier and more fit.

State of the art obesity treatments require surgery and are extremely expensive.

Yet, even these solutions are not available for the overweight individuals.

  • Utility Patent

    The Melcap System presents a wireless solution which uses the treatment concept of electrical stimulation but inherently is free of the problems that might arise from surgical intervention. Patent No: US 8,755,888 B2 Date of Patent: June 17, 2014

  • Broad Support

    The project is supported by grants from the Office of the Israeli Chief Scientist.

  • Large Market

    The Global Weight Loss and Obesity Management Market was worth $265 Billion in the year 2012 and it continue expanding with the increase in weight-loss treatments and weight management.

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